CHICAGO — Union Tank Car Company (UTLX), a tank car industry leader specializing in leasing, manufacturing and repair services, has announced the launch of a new company logo.

Most notably, the new logo includes a bold yellow arrow, representing UTLX’s unwavering commitment to progress.

“We included an arrow in our new logo, because forward movement is our business,” said Dave Murawski, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing. “Our tank cars transport commodities that are used to create products that people around the world rely on every day, our dedicated teams drive continued success for our customers through our comprehensive tank car services, and our technical expertise and constant innovation help to propel the industry into the future.”

The new logo also highlights UTLX’s affiliation with the larger set of Marmon Rail companies within Marmon Holdings, Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway company. In addition to UTLX, Marmon Rail includes Ameritrack Rail, EXSIF Worldwide, McKenzie Valve & Machining, Powerhouse, Procor, Prolium, Railserve, Trackmobile, Transco and Zephir. The companies within Marmon Rail serve the railcar manufacturing, leasing, maintenance, repair, and in-plant rail service needs of their customers by delivering broad, innovative and dependable solutions.

The new UTLX logo will debut across the company’s online properties this spring, with a continued rollout to nationwide facilities throughout the year.

About Union Tank Car Company (UTLX)
Union Tank Car Company is a leading designer, builder and full-service lessor of railroad tank cars and other specialized railcars. Together with its Canadian affiliate Procor, UTLX owns a fleet of approximately 120,000 railcars for lease to customers in chemical, petrochemical, energy and agricultural/food industries. UTLX manufactures tank cars in the U.S. and performs railcar maintenance services at more than 100 locations across North America. UTLX is part of Marmon Holdings, Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway company. For more information on UTLX, visit

Media Contact
Kristen Johnson
Manager, Communications & Branding
Union Tank Car Company
[email protected]


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