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Wire and cable systems to help keep the world running.

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The Power Of Marmon’s Innovative Wire And Cable Solutions

It would be hard to overstate the global importance of safe, dependable energy supplies – for every industry and home, and from the ocean depths to outer space.

Marmon Electrical supports energy exploration and production with specialized wire and cable solutions, works with utilities to reduce their cost and improve grid reliability, and provides technologies and products for the mission-critical aerospace and defense industry.

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Electrical Engineering Companies That Measure Up


RSCC Wire & Cable has 50+ years of continuous service to the nuclear utility industry


Marmon has developed electronic cables that withstand exposure to 2,000-degree flames


Marmon Utility’s aerial cable system supports spans of 1,600 ft., enabling utilities to limit placement of poles in environmentally sensitive areas

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Wire And Cable Solutions For Countless Applications

Our group produces electrical and electronic wire and cable solutions for many markets requiring exacting standards for performance and safety.

  • Specialty wire and cable solutions, products and related services for the energy, transit, communication, aerospace and defense industry, and other marketsher markets
  • Electrical building wire for residential, commercial and industrial buildings
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Our Electrical Businesses

Marmon’s electrical engineering companies are known for their high-performing wire and cable solutions, innovative solutions, and dependable service.

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