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Our History

Innovation from the start.

Our Legacy

While our name comes from the maker of the first Indianapolis 500 winning car, our history begins in the 1950s with two entrepreneurial brothers.

Ray Harroun in the Marmon Wasp in 1911


The Wasp, engineered and built by the Marmon Motor Car Company won the first Indianapolis 500 race.

Jay and Robert Pritzker smiling and laughing at a party together


Brothers Robert (left) and Jay Pritzker acquired The Colson Company, then a struggling manufacturer with sales of $3.5 million.

Historical image of Marmon Herrington facility.

1950s & early 1960s

Colson was restored to profitability and additional small companies acquired including Marmon-Herrington, a successor to the Marmon Motor Car Company.



The Pritzkers adopted the Marmon name for their portfolio of companies.

Racks of coiled tube stacked next to itself


Marmon’s revenues doubled to nearly $1 billion with the acquisition of Cerro Corporation, adding to the company’s increasingly diverse manufacturing portfolio.

1980s photo collage of trans union corporation - phone operator, industrial towers


Acquisition of Trans Union Corporation added businesses including railroad tank cars, consumer credit information, water treatment systems and fasteners.

1980s & 1990s

Marmon expanded via multiple smaller acquisitions, typically in industries where its companies already had a presence.

Robert Pritzker in 2002 outside of Marmon offices


Robert Pritzker concluded his five-decade tenure at Marmon.

TransUnion Logo


TransUnion, a data-based business that was unique within the largely industrial Marmon organization, was established as a stand-alone operation.


Berkshire Hathaway Inc. purchased majority interest in Marmon and acquired the
remaining minority interests in stages.



Marmon acquired the beverage equipment and retail merchandising businesses of IMI, adding to its leading portfolio of foodservice companies.



GE Rail Services tank car fleet acquired by Marmon as part of GE’s divestiture of GE Capital.

Colson medical logo


The acquisition of majority interest in Colson Medical, a global provider of specialty medical devices, created another group within Marmon.

Angelo Pantaleo headshot


Angelo V. Pantaleo appointed Chairman and CEO of Marmon Holdings.

70th Anniversary logo


Celebrating 70 years. The diverse, global collection of businesses we call Marmon Holdings began in the spring of 1953.

Looking Ahead

Today, Marmon comprises more than 120+ companies working together to provide the highest value for our customers. Our companies are leaders in their respective markets, operating ethically, responsibly and respectfully for their customers and employees.

Tomorrow, Marmon remains focused on the spirit of innovation gained from our namesake. Driven by our global team of 30,000 employees, we are committed to engineering solutions to some of the world’s toughest problems.

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