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From gears to gloves to fasteners … and more.

See Diverse Job Opportunities Across Industrial Products

Industrial Products companies

Our Diverse Portfolio Of Industrial Products Companies

To say Marmon Industrial Products serves a broad range of customers and industrial markets would be an understatement.

We are organized into four main groups – Industrial Gears, Construction, Gloves and Fasteners. Our global and growing portfolio of industrial products companies also includes portable lighting equipment, industrial toolroom and maintenance items, masonry products and polymer systems.

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Spanning The Globe With Industrial Products

20+ companies


Facilities on 4 continents


1,500+ employees


Industrial Gears, Industrial Gloves And Fasteners Are Only The Beginning

While we are organized into four main groups – Industrial Gears, Construction, Gloves and Industrial Fasteners – that’s only part of our diverse product offering.

Our Product Offerings

  • Wheels, axles and gears for rail, mining and other uses
  • Gear, fan and pump drives for power, agricultural and petrochemical markets
  • Wind machines for agricultural use
  • Work and garden gloves sold at retail
  • Industrial gloves and other protective wear for industrial markets
  • Screws and other fasteners for construction and other industrial markets
  • Portable lighting equipment for safety and mining applications
  • Toolroom and maintenance items for industrial markets
  • Masonry products for residential and commercial construction
  • Polymer systems for anchoring, bonding, and repair applications
Safety gloves in use.
Industrial employee wearing protective gloves and working with metals

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Our Industrial Products Companies

With operations on four continents, Marmon Industrial Products Companies serve a broad spectrum of customers and markets worldwide.

Do You Know Gears? Gloves? Industrial Fasteners?
Marmon Could Be The Place for You

With more than 20 diverse companies operating in North America, Europe, Asia and North Africa, our industrial products companies offer many and varied career opportunities.

See Diverse Job Opportunities Across Industrial Products Companies