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It Started with the Greatest Race.

In 1911, the Marmon Motor Company roared onto the world stage with the groundbreaking Marmon Wasp winning the inaugural Indianapolis 500.

With its distinct color scheme and tail shape, as well as the crucial innovation of the rearview mirror, the Wasp secured its place in racing history along with Marmon driver Ray Harroun and his team.

Ray Harroun in Marmon Wasp at first Indy 500
Wasp engineer Tom Hewer riding in Wasp car
Quote from Ray Harroun, driver of the Wasp car
Ray Harroun in the Marmon Wasp in 1911
Honest Charley Replica Wasp displaying rearview mirror

Putting the Competition in the Rear View.

Marmon defied racing norms by crafting a single-seater car, shedding the weight of the engineer for enhanced speed and aerodynamics. To address safety concerns, Harroun ingeniously added the first known rearview mirror in automotive history.

Another pivotal factor was Marmon’s tire strategy. Blown tires wasted precious seconds, so their engineers opted for a slower but safer pace. The result? The Wasp made four pit stops with zero blowouts, unlike their second-place competitor that needed fourteen tires changed.

Building on Our Heritage.

We launched an ambitious project that builds on Marmon’s rich history of innovation: creating a replica of the 1911 Marmon Wasp to carry its groundbreaking spirit into the present—and future.

This exciting endeavor in rebuilding history is being brought to life by our diverse team of Marmon Wasp Engineers, each chosen for their unique backgrounds and skills, and representing five of our eleven industry groups.

Build group of people around the replica Wasp
Two engineers building parts for the Wasp replica car
Parts of the Wasp replica car in the workshop
Engineer welding a part for the Wasp replica car
Marmon scientist working at a microscope and computer

Driving Innovation Forward.

Today, Marmon Holdings, Inc. remains a beacon of growth and innovation, building upon the Wasp’s innovative heritage of over a century.

The winning spirit first exemplified by Ray Harroun’s Indianapolis 500 victory continues across Marmon to this day. The businesses within our 11 industry groups collaborate and strive to deliver innovative, cutting-edge solutions to their valued customers across the world.

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