In 1911, the Marmon Wasp won the first Indianapolis 500 through engineering excellence and ingenuity. In 2023, we launched an ambitious project that builds on Marmon’s rich history of innovation: we’re building a replica of the 1911 Marmon Wasp to bring its groundbreaking spirit into the present –– and future. 

This exciting experiment in rebuilding history is being brought to life by our diverse team of Marmon Wasp Engineers, each chosen for their unique backgrounds and skills, and representing five of our eleven industry groups. But they also have something in common: their dedication to telling Marmon’s story of continued innovation. 

The team’s work kicked off in the fall with a visit to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum to learn about the legacy of the original Marmon Wasp firsthand (and even hop in a few cars themselves!)

Marmon Wasp Engineers at the finish line of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.Marmon Wasp Engineers at the finish line of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Two of the Marmon Wasp Engineers standing by a replica Marmon Wasp with Corky Coker at Honest Charley Marmon Wasp Engineers and Corky Coker with a replica Wasp.

Next, they traveled to Chattanooga, TN, where they got to work with Corky Coker at Honest Charley Speed Shop. A legend in the automotive world, Corky is renowned for his expertise in vintage car restoration and has even completed a replica Wasp in the past, which is on display at his museum. Corky’s guidance was invaluable for our engineers as they worked on rebuilding the Marmon Wasp. 

Our Marmon Wasp Engineers are helping drive innovation forward across all Marmon companies. Their experience is just one example of what we can achieve when we leverage our resources to grow our talent and our businesses. As we look to Marmon’s history of innovation, we uncover the possibilities of tomorrow. 

Stay tuned as we share the engineers’ stories along this journey in preparation for showcasing our company’s heritage of excellence and innovation with our replica Marmon Wasp in 2024 and beyond! Click here to learn about our history of innovation from 1911 through today, and here to discover the world of opportunity and experience that is within reach at Marmon.


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