Marmon Industrial Energy & Infrastructure (IEI) announces the strategic acquisition of Trilogy Communications, Inc., a leader in designing, manufacturing, and marketing premium air-dielectric coaxial cables. This acquisition marks a significant milestone in Marmon IEI’s commitment to advancing communications infrastructure deployments across various industries.

Trilogy Communications, founded in 1985, is a top choice for wireless communication deployments with its proprietary AirCell® cable manufacturing process and cutting-edge technology. The company’s products cater to the diverse needs of DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) and RF (Radio Frequency) communications systems in industries ranging from transit and healthcare to public safety.

Unrivaled Technological Advancements
Trilogy’s AirCell® cable solutions are recognized for their technological advancements, providing sophisticated and reliable connectivity options for wireless communications applications. The company’s commitment to innovation, technical expertise, and product quality has fostered strong partnerships with leading wireless communications infrastructure OEMs, integrators, and installers.

Strategic Benefits of the Acquisition
The acquisition of Trilogy Communications by Marmon IEI is poised to bring about a new era of synergy and innovation in wireless communication infrastructure. The combined expertise of Marmon IEI and Trilogy will lead to the development of cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving demands of the wireless communications industry.

Peter Moran, VP Industrial Infrastructure of Marmon IEI, will be President, reporting to Christopher Venice, CEO. Commenting on the acquisition, Christopher Venice, CEO at Marmon IEI, said: “Trilogy Communications’ reputation for excellence aligns seamlessly with Marmon IEI’s commitment to providing top-tier industrial and electrical solutions. This strategic acquisition reinforces our dedication to advancing the capabilities of wireless communication infrastructure, and we look forward to the exciting possibilities this partnership presents.”

About Marmon Industrial Energy & Infrastructure (IEI)
The Marmon Industrial Energy & Infrastructure Group, a division of Marmon Electrical, offers a comprehensive suite of unique and innovative products and solutions that keep the world running. By creating a range of capabilities across multiple markets, we reduce costs while improving operation, function, performance, and life safety for mission-critical systems. Our group produces electronic wire, tubing, and cable products that are held to exact standards for performance and safety. As we strategically integrate companies and brands under one master brand, our products’ quality, performance, and reliability will remain constant.


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