120+ autonomous companies. 11 industry groups. One team. 

Welcome to the Biggest Small Business You’ll Ever Find

Marmon Holdings, Inc., A Berkshire Hathaway Company

Innovation. Entrepreneurship. Growth.

Engineering Solutions to the World’s Greatest Needs

Complex problems demand collaboration, expertise, and innovative solutions. At Marmon, our 11 industry groups comprise individual companies with their own specialists, experience and abilities. Those talents combine to deliver the best possible experience to our customers and their global industries.

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Industry Groups

Built by Our Companies. Dedicated to Our Customers.

Marmon Holdings comprises 11 industry groups. These groups share expertise, knowledge, and resources with each other, around a singular focus: our customers.

Global Reach. Local Control.

The Marmon Method

Marmon is built on trust. We believe our companies can do their best when they have the consulting and financial support they need. We believe our people can do their best when they are empowered to build their careers.

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Respect. Trust. A commitment to supported autonomy. It’s how we’ve built global reach with a true local touch.

Marmon Provides:

  • Strength
  • Stability
  • Support
  • Investment
  • Respect and Trust

Our Groups and Companies Provide:

  • Industry Expertise
  • Customer Knowledge
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation
  • Strategic Planning

Get the Best of Both Worlds

Here, you‘ll find the strength and stability that comes with being part of Berkshire Hathaway plus the autonomy and opportunity that comes with working at one of our 120+ companies around the world. While each company is unique, we all share a common commitment.

Union Tank Car Company employee welding material

Doing Things That Matter

You can help advance our everyday world and beyond. Bring products from some of the biggest brands to life while helping millions around the world stay connected, healthy, and safe.

Leading at Every Level

At Marmon, a world of opportunity is within reach, so you can keep leveling up. Tap into an entrepreneurial culture with access to resources and leaders, and exposure to all types of projects.

Winning a Better Way

Within our companies, each of us looks to set the bar and then raise it, again and again. Work in a competitive yet collegial environment that values long-term vision, and above all, ethics.

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Jason R. Bjerke

Marmon Water
Group Director, Information Technology

The Sun Never Sets on Marmon

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Putting Our People First

We are a big organization. But each employee has opportunities to forge their career throughout Marmon. We work to foster talent and Marmon careers in more than 120 companies across 11 groups around the world.

Marmon’s highly decentralized organization relies heavily on individuals with the aptitude and attitude to drive our success. We support our people, because we know our people are what make Marmon.

What happens when you pursue a career with a Marmon company? The world is opened up to you with the opportunity to excel, from some of the best engineering jobs to automation positions and more.

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“Marmon is our kind of company.”

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Warren Buffett

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