Hartselle, Alabama – Cerrowire, a leading U.S. manufacturer of copper building wire, is celebrating its 100th anniversary by looking ahead to an even stronger future by extending its product offerings in a way that positions the company and its retail partners and electrical distribution partners for success. Cerrowire announces it is investing over $100 million to build a new 270,000 SF facility to produce Metal Clad cable at the Morgan Center Business Park in the City of Hartselle. The facility will incorporate advanced systems and equipment, allowing the company to further its commitment to high quality and cost control.

“We are looking forward to Hartselle being the strategic location that is a perfect fit for our major new venture and to the creation of over 130 jobs to support this growing community,” stated Cerrowire President Stewart Smallwood. “The State of Alabama, Morgan County, the Tennessee Valley Authority, and City of Hartselle are excellent partners in creating an environment for our business to flourish,” stated Smallwood. “Our workforce is dedicated to our growth and the production of high-quality products.”

Metal Clad Cable: Focused Growth
Metal Clad (MC) cable is a growing sector in the building wire market. It is a metal jacketed cable that contains insulated copper or aluminum conductors and is used for most types of building construction, primarily in commercial, and is also used in some residential and industrial applications. Different wire configurations are wrapped in metal cladding to meet standards set by the National Electrical Code® (NEC); end uses of MC cable include commercial building construction, data centers, and hospital applications. Electricians and electrical contractors like the streamlined installation process and lower cost factors with MC cable, driving the growth in demand and sales.

Smallwood stated, “Adding Metal Clad cable to our product portfolio allows us to leverage our core business – manufacturing building wire – and to provide a strong building wire solution that fulfills a growing need for our customers. We’ve been asked to get into this segment because our customers know we will back MC with our ongoing commitment to product quality, on-time and in-full delivery, and industry-leading customer service. MC cable provides an exciting opportunity for focused growth for Cerrowire and our customers.”

State Senator and Morgan County Economic Development Association Chairman Arthur Orr shared his appreciation for this investment: “Cerrowire’s decision to locate an additional manufacturing facility in Morgan County speaks to the preparation of our workforce, the quality of life in our region, and the continued strength of our economic future.”

Both Morgan County Chairman Ray Long and City of Hartselle Mayor Randy Garrison echoed Senator Orr’s sentiments. Chairman Long said, “Morgan County works tirelessly to ensure we are poised to support our industrial base through education, infrastructure, and partnerships. This investment is a product of those efforts and we thank Cerrowire for their confidence in our community.” Mayor Garrison added, “Cerrowire is a phenomenal community partner and Hartselle is proud to have them. Through Hartselle City Schools, area nonprofits, and various other initiatives, Cerrowire is a wonderful advocate for our community and this new facility showcases their roots in Hartselle.”

John Bradley, TVA senior vice president of Economic Development added, “TVA and Joe Wheeler EMC congratulate Cerrowire on its decision to expand operations in Morgan County. It’s always an exciting day when we can celebrate a company’s commitment to continued growth in the Valley. We are proud to partner with Morgan County Economic Development Association and Alabama Department of Commerce to help support companies like Cerrowire create job opportunities and investment in the region, and celebrate this announcement together.”

About Cerrowire
Headquartered in Hartselle, Alabama, Cerrowire is a copper wire manufacturing company with plants inAlabama, Georgia, Indiana, and Utah. We supply building wire and cable throughout North America for commercial, industrial and residential use. Our products are available through electrical distributors, wholesalers, and retailers. As a Marmon/Berkshire Hathaway company, Cerrowire follows the time-tested business model of our parent company to continually improve both our process and our products in order to offer advantages that meet the needs of customers. The end results for our customers are products, packaging, services, and tools that anticipate and fill the ever-evolving needs of the competitive construction industry.



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