Marmon Wasp Engineers Building On Heritage

Our Winning Team.

Meet the Marmon Wasp Engineers — a first of its kind group that is committed to exemplifying the spirit of innovation that defines Marmon and traces back to the iconic Marmon Wasp’s triumph at the very first Indianapolis 500 in 1911.

The Marmon Wasp Engineers were assembled to reconstruct our own Marmon Wasp. This ambitious project honors Marmon’s legacy of excellence and builds upon our rich history of ingenuity.

Marmon Wasp Engineers at the finish line of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
Wasp engineer Tom Hewer riding in Wasp car
With over 30,000 employees, we were able to tap into the exceptional talents found across Marmon. First, Tom Hewer, Vice-President of Development Engineering at Marmon Heavy Duty Transportation Group, was appointed as the team leader.

With Tom leading the way, a team of six additional Marmon Wasp Engineers were assembled that reflect diverse perspectives from across our organization.
The team, which represents five of Marmon’s eleven industry groups, embodies our competitive spirit and innovative mindset. From seasoned industry veterans to agile problem solvers, each team member has delivered unique contributions to the project.

At Marmon, innovation is paramount to our mission. It’s deeply ingrained in our heritage and remains central to our future endeavors. The Marmon Wasp Engineers are paving the way for continued leadership in modern engineering.

Building a Marmon Replica Wasp Race Car.

While the original Marmon Wasp resides safely in the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum, a meticulously crafted replica was constructed in 2011. Upon learning about this historically accurate replica, an idea ignited within us—to create our own version of the iconic Marmon Wasp and revive the triumph of this champion for the newest generation of Marmon engineers.

In 2023, this notion took shape as the team of Marmon Wasp Engineers embarked on a unique journey to build this piece of Marmon’s heritage of innovation. After visiting the original Marmon Wasp at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum, the Marmon Wasp Engineers visited the Honest Charley Garage in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where the existing replica Marmon Wasp resides.

Build group of people around the replica Wasp
Two engineers building parts for the Wasp replica car
Under the guidance of Corky Coker, a renowned vintage car expert and historical automotive enthusiast, the Marmon Wasp Engineers contributed their exceptional talents to the construction of our own replica Marmon Wasp.

The Marmon Wasp Engineers relentless pursuit of excellence embodies Marmon’s commitment to creativity and perseverance. Their dedication and ingenuity harkens back to the revolutionary approach that Marmon Wasp driver and engineer, Ray Harroun, employed to take home the checkered flag at the inaugural Indianapolis 500 in 1911.

This Marmon Wasp is set to be completed in the Summer of 2024, and we have big plans to put it to use.

Marmon Wasp replica car parked on race track.
Parts of the Wasp replica car in the workshop
Replica Wasp displaying rearview mirror

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Two Marmon Wasp engineers holding a part of the Marmon Wasp Replica car.

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