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People, products and technologies to keep the world moving.

Transportation Products

How Marmon Helps Drive The Global Economy

Marmon’s products help keep trailers, trucks and cars rolling, airplanes flying and spacecraft launching.

From local delivery vans, to cross-country tractor-trailer rigs, to rockets soaring into space, our Transportation Products Group provides an array of products to keep vehicles operational and their passengers and cargo safe.

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Marmon Transportation Products

By The Numbers


20+ Companies


Facilities in 9 Countries


3,000 Employees Globally

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Transportation Products
Deliver The Goods

From facilities in nine countries, Marmon Transportation Products serves the global automotive, aerospace and heavy-duty highway transportation markets with a broad range of products and services.

  • Precision-molded plastic components and aluminum tubing for the automotive market
  • Solutions for the self-locking, self-sealing and protection of fastener threads, primarily for automotive and aerospace applications
  • Stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and nickel alloy tubing and specialized fluid conveyance products for the aerospace industry
  • Transmission and chassis products for the automotive aftermarket
  • Platform and specialty trailers for the heavy-duty highway transportation industry
  • Heavy-duty truck and trailer components including fifth wheel coupling devices, wheel-end and undercarriage products, and fenders
  • Truck modification services
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Our Transportation Products Businesses

Marmon companies in this group serve the global automotive, aerospace and heavy-duty highway transportation markets.

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Want to get you career moving? Look at Marmon Transportation Products. With more than 20 companies and facilities in nine countries, the opportunities abound. When you join Marmon, your career can go places.

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