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How Marmon Rail & Leasing Moves The Global Economy

With a team of more than 5,000 dedicated employees, Marmon Rail & Leasing helps keep the global economy moving.

Our products and services enable the safe and efficient delivery of essential commodities – from crude oil to corn syrup – across continents and oceans. Freight is vital to the economy, and every day the rail system is under enormous pressure — literally. Every wheel, every car, every tank and every mile of track has to be operating at top condition. Our rail leasing companies are there to help bring it all together.

Union Tank Car tank line.

How do you solve industry challenges?
By truly focusing on them.


Industry Average

140 days to fix a third-party railroad tank car


With the Marmon Method

40 days anywhere in North America


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Rail Leasing Companies With Industry-Leading Solutions

In Marmon’s Rail & Leasing Group, we design, build, repair, lease — always bringing new ideas to life. From our industry-leading railroad tank cars and intermodal containers to a wide range of components and services, we innovate to serve our customers. And we leverage the expertise of all our companies, as needed, to get the job done.

  • Railroad tank car manufacturing, leasing and repair services
  • Freight car repair and maintenance
  • Intermodal tank containers
  • In-plant rail switching and loading/unloading services
  • Track installation and maintenance services
  • Steel tank heads and cylinders manufacturing
Railserve employee at work.
EXSIF product
Union Tank Car employees at work.
Union Tank Car employee working outside

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Our Rail & Leasing Businesses

The companies in the Rail & Leasing Group are national and international experts in their fields. They are empowered to make their own decisions and apply their expertise, supported by the experience and know-how of the entire group. Together, we help solve our customers’ biggest challenges.

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Marmon’s Rail & Leasing Group is made up of industry experts and skilled specialists in our companies across North America and the globe. We’re looking for people with the skills, drive and commitment to excellence needed to keep our companies — and the global economy they support — moving ahead.

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