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How Marmon Metal Services Proves Its Mettle

Through our subsidiary Marmon/Keystone, Marmon supplies specialty pipe and tubing for many industries including agriculture, construction, transportation, machine tools and petrochemical. As customers attest, the company does more than just supply metal. They are all about providing custom services through a comprehensive supply chain that leaves nothing to chance.

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More Than Just Metal

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150+ Value-Added Services

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We Help Our Customers Solve Their Most Difficult Problems

Our metal services companies have built strong ties with leading pipe and tube producers and implemented vendor-managed inventory programs to enhance efficiency. For customers who need finished or semi-finished parts, rather than raw stock, we offer more than 150 services tailored to customer needs. And our extensive network of North American metal service centers allows for prompt delivery of critical materials.

  • Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and alloy tubular products
  • Chrome-plated, stainless and nitro-carburized bar products
  • Wide variety of services such as bending, boring, drilling, honing, grinding, machining, beveling and heat treating
  • Customized proprietary software enabling employees and customers to easily manage their supply chain in real-time
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Our Metal Services Companies

A business built on being the metal supplier that goes beyond.

Got Mettle? A Marmon Career May Be For You.

Through our subsidiary Marmon/Keystone, Marmon offers a wide range of jobs in over 30 locations across North America – from purchasing professionals and account managers to logistics specialists and service center team members.

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