The Acumed | OsteoMed PFX Choice™ program is designed to help customers choose the right combination of products, customer service, payment, and billing options to meet their unique needs.

The modern medical ecosystem poses significant challenges to hospitals, ASCs, and other health care entities. Finding the right product mix, ensuring scalability, managing loaner sets and inventory, and dealing with varying billing structures can be overwhelming, especially while staying focused on providing the best possible patient care.

The Acumed | OsteoMed PFX Choice™ program is designed to help. Our program enables customers to choose the right combination of products, customer service, payment, and billing options to meet each customer’s unique needs.

“PFX Choice offers flexibility and customization, including best-in-class pricing, scalability, and service,” said Aaron Greer, Director of National Accounts at Acumed | OsteoMed.

Acumed | OsteoMed offers robust education and training programs for surgeons and OR staff, including cadaveric, surgeon-to-surgeon, and surgeon thought leader training. Our ELiTE lecture series was designed by surgeons for surgeons, residents, and fellows, and our virtual Professionals Reaching Out (PRO) series features surgeons sharing their knowledge learned from decades of experience.

“In addition to a comprehensive product portfolio and educational opportunities, Acumed | OsteoMed provides expertise from dedicated sales representatives, product managers, and engineers for a consistent customer experience,” said Ryan Folkening, Vice President, US Sales at Acumed | OsteoMed.

Acumed has the most complete selection of upper extremity fixation and specialty plates on the market.* The Acumed | OsteoMed portfolio includes comprehensive solutions for CMF, Hand & Upper Extremity, Foot & Ankle, Tendon & Ligament repair, and Orthobiologics.

“Our solutions are designed to provide surgeons with in situ customization options to achieve optimal patient fit and restoration of function,” said Sharon Wolfington, President and CEO of Acumed | OsteoMed.

“Combining the strengths of Acumed and OsteoMed enhances the experience of our customers and patients,” said Chris Smith, President of Colson Medical. “As a member of Colson Medical | Marmon Holdings Inc., a Berskshire Hathaway company, Acumed | OsteoMed has the scalability to meet the needs of hospitals, IDNs, GPOs, and ASCs.”

For more information, please call 503-716-1716 or email [email protected].


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