Businesses in this Sector

Enersul Inc.

Penn Machine Company LLC

Trackmobile LLC

Uni-Form Components Co.


Businesses in this sector offer a variety of products, services,
and technologies to customers primarily in the transportation and
energy industries in North America and globally. Enersul provides
customers worldwide with services, equipment, and technology
for processing and distributing sulfur. Trackmobile bi-modal
railcar movers are used globally. Uni-Form Components provides
custom-fabricated steel tank heads, cones, and cylinders used
in the petrochemical, rail transportation, aerospace, hydrocarbon
processing, and oil and gas industries. Penn Machine supplies
wheels, axles, gears, and wheelsets for the mass rail transit
market, traction gears and pinions for locomotive maintenance,
and assorted gears for mining and other industrial uses.
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