The Marmon Group, a Berkshire Hathaway company, offers a wide range of career opportunities through its approximately 150 autonomous business units. Marmon Group businesses employ more than 17,000 people at factories, distribution centers, offices and customer sites worldwide—in big cities and small towns from the U.S. to China and from Canada to Australia.

The jobs, like the businesses themselves, are diverse—mobile crane operators, welders, tool and die makers, repair and maintenance specialists, production supervisors, plant and warehouse managers, customer service representatives, engineers, accountants, and other professionals in fields including sales and marketing, human resources and general management.

While their products, services and markets vary, however, Marmon Group businesses also share many core traits:

A decentralized management structure that fosters employee initiative and professional growth and advancement.
Small business segments that provide entrepreneurial opportunities within the framework of a growing, multibillion-dollar group of companies.
The strength of being part of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., one of the world's largest, most successful and best respected companies.
Leading positions in the markets they serve.
An innovative culture that encourages and recognizes the importance of research and development, and the introduction of new technologies.
An unwavering commitment to the safety of their employees, customers and communities.
The belief that people make the biggest difference in any business, and that each employee needs a challenging and rewarding work experience.
To learn more about career opportunities within The Marmon Group, see the websites of individual Marmon businesses.
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